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Betty on Lake Langano beach

In February the lake is just like bath water

It’s great to have you join us here at Lake Langano

We look forward to sharing our adventure of living at Lake Langano in Ethiopia as missionaries with SIM. In 1971 we were assigned to build a Youth Camp and Conference Center at this beautiful lake. Each chapter develops the progress (and setbacks) of seeing this happen. It could be that you were a part of the story and we have not recounted it here. We would love to hear from you via the reply box at the end of each chapter or by going to the “Contact Us” page and sending us an email message. This will go a long way to assure the story being more complete. Thank you.

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First we outline the reason we wanted to write our story. You will find this in the Introduction  by clicking on this blue link.  Here are some easy links to other pages: About us,  Contact us, maps

As you read through the story of starting Langano camp back in 1971, we hope you will recognize the sovereignty and guidance of God as He directed us in this endeavour.  Never did we realize back then just how it would evolve into the ministry it is today with a major medical center, a thriving elementary school, churches and a camping program that is amazing.   … but I’m getting ahead of my story!   Betty and I have really enjoyed bringing these memories from our past to life with this series. computer face So jump aboard, keep posted and enjoy the adventure.

Norm & Betty

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